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First Steps
Age range:
4 months to 2.5 years old
21 Levels Total
Be your child's best first teacher and learn how you can stimulate the four key areas of development.
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The Fundamentals
Age range:
2-3 years old
A comprehensive program used by Tutor Time Int’l Nursery and Kindergarten’s nursery-aged students to stay ahead.
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The Story
Age range:
2.5-6 years old
12 Levels Total
Let your child explore new themes, concepts and develop English language skills through storytelling.
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A range of programs created by experts to guide you in teaching your 4-month-old to 6-year-old children.
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Select your child's age and take a look at the prerequisites. Choose a starting point that is most suitable for your child.
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Watch our video guides and use our materials to learn how to conduct activities at home.

Why choose LT?

Learn how our teachers conduct activities and teach concepts to young children.
Education For Families
New and exciting activities, learning objectives, and toys each month.
Learn through play
Developed with curriculum experts from Tutor Time Hong Kong with over 25 years of experience.
Created by experts
Stay connected with a network of parents, teachers and experts on our exclusive forum.
Ask a teacher
"We see it first-hand - student success is often predicted by families who encourage learning at home."
- Tutor Time Curriculum Director, Alison Watson


Hello from Learning Time! We are a team of curriculum experts, teachers, designers, producers, and parents who are passionate about early childhood education. We created LT because we want every caregiver to realize their potential to be a positive role model in their children's lives. When caregivers have a solid understanding of how to teach their children, they become much more effective in building a strong foundation for future learning.
What Does Early Childhood Education Mean to Us?
To us, early childhood education involves the whole family. Unlike other services that target all their resources towards the child, we ensure that both the caregiver and child have the resources they need. We’re not trying to create a one-size-fits-all solution to education at home. We believe that when you become more familiar with how to teach your child, what to teach your child, and what materials to use, you can transform any moment into a learning opportunity.

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